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Hand protection

How to choose a protective device?

Hand protection

Devices of hand protection include one-, two- and three- and five-finger gloves, palm, arm and lower arm protectors, wristbands, pulse warmers, as well as devices of finger and shoulder protection.

Criteria for the selection of gloves:

  • type and degree of the hazard and harm, with special respect to their concurrent existence,
  • shape and size, as well as material and surface properties of the object held in the hand
  • types of the movements made in the course of work
  • environmental impacts.

The most typical threats are

  • mechanical impacts, particularly piercing, cutting, scrubbing and wearing effects,
  • various chemical impacts, such as the presence of acids, alkali solutions, corrosive substances, organic solvents, alcohols, poisons,
  • radiant and contact forms of extreme heat effects,
  • vibrations,
  • electric phenomena, such as electric shock, arc actions, static charging,
  • and biological factors.

Major standards pertaining to personal protective equipment for hand protection:

Number of the standard

Designation of the standard

MSZ EN 374-1

Gloves against chemicals and microorganisms. Part 1: terms and definitions, performance requirements

MSZ EN 374-2

Gloves against chemicals and microorganisms. Part 2: definition of penetration resistance

MSZ EN 374-3

Gloves against chemicals and microorganisms. Part 3: definition of penetration resistance to chemicals test requirements

MSZ EN 388

Gloves against mechanical risks.

MSZ EN 407

Gloves protecting against thermal risks (heat and/or fire)

MSZ EN 420

Protective gloves. General requirements and test methods

MSZ EN 60903

Work performed under voltage. Gloves of insulating materials (IEC 60903: correction in the year of 2002 2003, amended)


All the gloves have to ensure the mobility of the hand.
Products made of leather cannot be washed or subjected to chemical cleaning.
Protective devices made from a single piece of material may never be spliced with further parts.
For protection against cutting or piercing by knives, the five-finger chain gloves designed for meat processing are recommended.
For objects dipped in chemical solutions, long-sleeved, chemical-resistant protective gloves.

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