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Face and Head Protection

How to choose a protective device?

Face and head Protection

In head protection, the protective equipment is to provide for basic protection against mechanical impacts (free-falling objects, collision with stationary objects, collision with moving objects), radiations, heat effects and burning, damage by coldness and noise.

Devices of head protection are classified in the following three categories:

  • Category 1: against mechanical damage, weather circumstances, contaminations causing surface damage, injuries
  • Category 2: all the industrial helmets
  • Category 3: against risks caused by heat effects, electricity, e.g. work performed under voltage (for 50 Volt alternating current or 75 Volt direct current)

In any area of work, helmets need to meet the following requirements:

- able to stop blunt or pointed falling objects without the shell of the helmet or the falling object coming to contact with the skull,
- transmit the smallest possible stress on the head under the given circumstances,
- protect against low and high temperature, as well as splashing melts,
- afford the employees adequate insulation against electricity and feeling of comfort.

The degree of the protective capabilities for helmets is determined by their shock absorption potentials, which cannot exceed the 5.0 kN value.

Parts of the industrial helmets

  • shell
  • visor
  • edge
  • internal fittings (for fastening and absorbing the kinetic energy of impacts)
  • flexible head cage
  • head strap (with band on the nape)
  • protective cushion
  • comfort and perspiration band
  • vent holes (with optional closing mechanism)
  • chin strap and its fastening mechanism
  • helmet accessories (neck, face and hearing protection devices)


PropertiesPolyethyleneAcrylicArtifical resin
Anti-aging agentGoodGoodVery good
UV-resistanceAppropriateGoodVery good
Retention of shape under heatup to 70 °Cup to 90 °Cup to 500 °C
Melting point 150oC 180oC> 1000oC
Resistance of coldnessVery goodGoodVery good
Chemical resistanceGood, with the exception of oils, fatsAppropriate, with the exception of acidsGood
Specific weight (kg/dm3)0,961,091,58

Major standards pertaining to personal protective equipment for face and head protection:

Number of the standardDesignation of the standard
MSZ EN 397Industrial helmets
MSZ EN 14458Personal eye-protecting equipment. Face protecting devices and masks used in combination with fire-fighting and high-capacity industrial helmets by the fire services, ambulance and emergency services
MSZ EN 14052Highly protective industrial helmets
EN 443Helmets for firefighting operations in buildings and other structures

The length of the head strap always has to be chosen so that the helmet should remain on the head when the user bends forward, but not too tight so that the strap could leave any mark on the forehead.
The design of the helmet should allow the use of optical spectacles or goggles.
New helmets have to be provided in 4–5 years, or after strong impacts!
Helmets have to be stored in closed and well-ventilated warehouse areas!

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